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The Story So Far

Space-faring bunnies have discovered a way to harness the energy of the cosmos, but conflict has broken out over control of the supply.

Driven by aspirations of power, a mad scientist has created powerful cybernetic creatures to synthesize bullets out of pure energy. Now, competing colonies launch these creatures into space to wipe out their rival planets.

Inhabitants look to the StarLicker pilots, equipped with advanced energy-absorbing ships, to defend their cities. You play as Lenny, a young StarLicker pilot, as he protects his home and friends from the barrage raining down from the stars.

The Game

StarLicker is a turn-based strategy game where players compete against each other in a battle combining skillful hand-eye coordination and cerebral wit.

Each turn begins with defense, where you directly control the powers of a StarLicker ship to foil your opponent's attack by collecting the energy of the incoming bullet barrage.

Then, you spend the collected energy on your own attacking units to design and shape a bullet pattern to rain down on your opponent.

You and your opponent take turns building up intricate attack formations for each other to defend. You win when you destroy all 3 of your opponent's cities.

People Are Saying...

“It’s like a real-time strategy game had sex with a bullet-hell shooter and had a baby.”
“This is honestly the first app I've had where I would like to enable push notifications.”
— Christian Sawyer, Beta Tester
“StarLicker is super imaginative in taking two concepts of games and twisting it to make a superbly well-done iOS game that creates its own niche.”
“The tracks are mind numbingly catchy and go hand in hand with the visual style. Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re in the early 90’s. … A good reason to finally retire Candy Crush and pick up a new addiction.”


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