Patch Notes - v. 0.9.25
  • 0.9.25


    New Features:
    -Further development on the new menu look and layout
    -New art for the Demon (formerly known as the Dragon)
    -Updated art for Freezie and Cities
    -Added mastered versions of all music
    -Newbie Sky map has been redesigned
    -Simplifications and improvements to some of the training levels
    -Assess Losses view has been removed from the game (it will return at a later time in an improved way)
    -New push notification sound effect
    -You can now dismiss the message box at the top of the screen by tapping it
    -Message boxes now "type out" their messages Nintendo-style

    Balance Changes:
    -None right now, but a big change is coming to Blast in the next version

    Bug Fixes:
    -Improved code performance for less framerate choppiness
    -Fixed issue where it was possible to flick the Seeker's target off-screen permanently
    -Fixed issue where Lenny would sometimes fly off your finger unintentionally
    -Fixed issue where Self Healing Guardian would heal much too little with each absorbed bullet
    -Fixed issue where Healing bullet would show up as ghost bullets during replays
    -Fixed issue where it was possible to trigger Super at the end of the round when control of Lenny is taken away
    -Improved handling of corrupted match data issues

    Known Issues:
    -Nothing major, please report bugs or problems you find right here in the forums
  • This is a really good build.
  • agreed i'm liking it.

    found a little glitch in the main screen with the list of ongoing matches on the right. it's my opponent's turn in all of the games i'm playing - so all of the text is dimmed out - but when i pull down the list of matches to refresh'em the match's text is no longer dimmed out wherever my thumb pulled down from. i was confused and thought it might've been my turn in a couple of games when it wasn't.
  • (the match text goes dim again after the refresh / sync, but it's that in between period that confused me)
  • @alontods, thanks. We have that in the list of bugs to fix (it's actually been there a few builds so far), just haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. :)

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