Patch Notes - v. 1.0.4
  • It took a little while, but version 1.0.4 has finally been submitted to the App Store and should be available later this week.

    This patch doesn't add any big new features, but it fixes and improves a whole lot. A lot of the work in this patch is behind the scenes and sets us up for some very exciting new stuff coming up in the next patch.

    Here are the full patch notes:

    New Features:
    -Improvements to unit placement controls to make it easier to quickly place a unit and adjust its position
    -Units now release a burst of green particles to indicate when a Blast deactivation occurs
    -Sell button is now labeled "Refund" for new units to emphasize they can be returned for full value
    -Unit placement confirmation has been removed from the game
    -Removed large textbox at the top of the screen that described each phase of a turn
    -Added a HUD indication for the location of a Seeker's target when it is off-screen
    -Tapping the background no longer deselects the currently selected unit
    -View now automatically pans to a unit being sold if it is off-screen
    -Added Buttons that link directly to the forum and to email us to the Options menu
    -Added the option to cancel starting a new match before choosing Special Powers

    Balance Changes:
    -Units are now considered "weakened" for the sake of being deactivated with Blast at 85% HP (up from 75%) - this is effectively a small buff to Blast
    -Placement of units directly touching opponent's Cities is now disallowed

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue where a bullet hitting a unit and the ship in the same frame could not be absorbed before inflicting damage - absorbing bullets now has priority over all other interactions
    -Fixed issue that made syncing take longer and ocassionally cause syncs to fail
    -Fixed rare issue where a unit could block a Cannon from fitting on an energy node
    -Fixed issues where bullet impact sprites would sometimes not show correctly
    -Fixed issue where the unit glow sprite was drawing underneath the planet layer
    -Fixed issue with healing wave where healing indications would show despite the unit already having full life
    -Fixed issue where healing wave would heal friendly Guardian, Freezie or Demon just by hitting their aura
    -Fixed crashing on older devices by downgrading the color pallette of the graphics and removing some sound effects on these devices
    -Fixed issue where "No Bullets Missed" XP bonus would not be awarded if Harvest was also used during the round
    -Fixed crashing that occurred after the app returns to focus after being in the background
    -Fixed issue where first turn default Cannons did not show as "NEW"
    -Fixed issue where replay playback would have problems after quitting out of another match while defending
    -Lots of other behind the scenes fixes and improvements
  • It also now will run on iPod touch 4th generation!

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