Starlicker Campaign mode?? Or Co-Op??
  • I've been playing during my free times and gotten a bit bored waiting for players to do their turn... Could there be an offline campaign or co-op mini mission series for people to do while offline?

    The idea seems pretty taxing but I think it'll be a worthwhile one that would hype up the game with some cool campaign story.

    Not sure what the story would be: but I'm sure all of the beta testers would like to conjure something up in their imaginations
  • We have a rough outline of a story in mind and we do want to make a single player campaign. We don't want to half-ass it though, and to do it right it's going to require a lot more time. So this is something that we will add in the future as an update to the App. If you're interesting in helping with writing the story, email me - hayden at heartonomy dot com.
  • Also I should add that we might put in an endless arcade-style single player mode in a future update as a hold-over while we work on the full fledged story mode campaign.
  • I want an arcade mode that happens in realtime.
  • What do you mean by "happens in realtime"?

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