Patch Notes - v. 1.0.5
  • There isn't much to this patch, but there are a few subtle yet major game balance changes in here.

    Also, please tell us what you think of the new zoom out function!

    Lots of new features are still in development that didn't make it into this patch. The new bouncier Lenny animation is a preview of a whole new set of ship sprites coming in the next patch!

    New Features:
    -Pinch with 2 fingers to zoom out and in, only works during Offense setup
    -Heal button added to Offense setup, costs half the Energy of the unit new
    -Updated visuals: bouncier Lenny animation, Offense & Defense transition, updated Super bar
    -Ice bullets now play the City damage sound when hitting a City

    Balance Changes:
    -Ice bullet damage increased
    -Ice bullets freeze Lenny sooner
    -Total number of units a player is allowed to buy is now limited based on the number of Energy Nodes he controls (maximum units allowed is number of nodes * 5 + 3)
    -Bubbles now come to a complete stop after absorbing a few bullets
    -Heal makes it easier to keep high-level Cannons alive

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed wobbly view rotation
    -Fixed issue where corrupted match data could go undetected and cause problems

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