Unit Idea
  • So this is a bit of a wild idea from a non designer so feel free to explain why this isn't possible but I had to write it down before I lost it. I think it would be difficult to program but I think it could make gameplay very unique.

    So the unit would operate kind of like a puffer but rather then releasing bullets in a single burst, every time you place the unit the user determines its firing pattern. So lets use 5 bullets as an example. Over a 5 bullet collection span the unit could fire:

    1 1 1 1 1 (standard)
    0 0 0 0 5 (similar to current puffer)

    but this is were you could try to get strategic:

    0 2 1 0 2
    0 0 3 1 1
    1 0 1 2 1

    With each placement you program it by selecting a numeric patter like described above or by holding a screen tap kind of like you film a vine. if you had say 3 of these on a map, its a tough task for your defender to manage which is going to fire when. It may have to be a little more expensive but if the unit is too powerful you could also normalize the firing speed so bullets come out more like a stop and go splitter then a puffer. Upgrades could allow you a wider firing range left to right or more programming options.

    What do you think?
  • It's a cool idea but we're so maxed out on resources that adding another unit at this time is not really viable. It might make a cool puffler special power down the line.
  • Yeah I second that it's cool. Rather than just for a single new unit, the idea sounds to me like a better fit for a sort of unit editor, where players could use the system you describe to create a custom unit of their design to add to their lineup. I'm not sure how exactly that would fit into the game, but it's something to think about.

    One day I would like to start thinking about new unit designs, either for a sequel or an expansion, and that seems like the right time for an idea like this.
  • Yeah, good points. Rereading the post I'm not even in love with this idea itself I think what I'm really curious about is the concept of having units that users could program in some way so that each person kind of has their own style and you may lose a few games before you realize how to imitate your opponent.
  • I consider a strategy game with lots of unique, viable play styles to basically be the holy grail of game design. With the design in StarLicker, so far, I don't think we have been very successful at achieving this goal. The Special Powers system was intended to help on this front, but I think we can do better and this remains one of the major goals of future changes to the game.
  • Yeah. I'm trying to think back to my Command & Conquer and of Age of Empire days and I'd say those games and maybe Starcraft were some of the closest.

    Happy to throw ideas around or talk about the current gameplay sometime if that would be helpful at all

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