Patch Notes - v. 1.0.6
  • Finally, a new update! This patch contains mostly visual improvements and additions. Be sure to tell William (@williamMendoza on Twitter) how you like all the new art, he worked really hard to get this out.

    This is going to be the last patch for StarLicker for a long time, maybe ever. We have decided to start working on a successor game rather than more patches to StarLicker. We want to make some very major changes and we think a new game will make more sense than a giant patch, so stay tuned for more details on that. I will post a postmortem of StarLicker in the coming weeks which will begin to explain the motivation behind a lot of these changes.

    Until then, thanks for playing our game! Follow @Heartonomy on Twitter to keep up with the new developments.

    Patch Notes for 1.0.6:

    New Features:
    -New Ships & Pilots cosmetics - you can now unlock and select Jenny, Claudia, Boss or Wizard as an alternative to Lenny - each costs 2 diamonds to unlock
    -New Home Planets cosmetics - you can now unlock and select Red Ocean Planet or Pink Tuxedo Planet as an alternative to Moonlight Planet - each costs 2 diamonds to unlock
    -Art updated for Squiggler, Demon, Freezie, Moonlight Planet, explosions, Inferno bullets, title screen, and space background
    -Art and layouts tweaked for buttons and menus
    -Bullets now spin when they pass through a Squiggler (visual only, no effect on gameplay)

    Balance Changes:
    -Cannons can now be bought while at over over the unit count limit to prevent accidentally getting stuck at the limit
    -Reducing number of default Cannons to 1 (starting energy including Cannon value remains unchanged)

    Bug Fixes:
    -Removed empty space on the battlefield during the tutorial

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