Unit placement
  • I don't like how, when moving units around, the selected unit auto-centers to where my finger is. This makes precision placing annoying because everytime i touch it, its moving from its current location and also because my finger is in the way of what im looking at. I'd like to be able to touch near the edge of the unit while moving it.

    I also think, instead of having the red X when a unit is overlapping another unit or meteor, the unit simply should not be able to overlap those spaces. So, if while moving a unit, i run my finger over another unit, the selected unit just circles around the other unit or freezes at point of contact until my finger reaches an off-unit spot and then selected unit jumps to finger and continues as normal. Just a time saver when trying to place units right next to others.
  • These are good ideas. I'll add them to the list of stuff to try.

    Thanks for all the really detailed, thoughtful feedback!

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