Odds and ends
  • First, thanks for fixing the choppy frame problem for older devices like mine. Wasn't sure if that'd be possible.

    Some issues/questions

    -The indicators when bullets go off the left or right side of screen: are they just there so you can try to magnet those bullets? To me they seem an unnecessary distraction. And in general i think the indicators are bigger than they need to be.

    -Bug: Bullets are irregularly collected by the ship during replays.

    -Whenever I'm done placing a unit and want to buy another, I instinctively go to tap the BUY button but its greyed out until I push "Place Unit" or tap somewhere off the unit. I don't see the point of the PLACE UNIT button. If I've decided to keep the unit, I'm going to either start moving other units or go right back to the buy button. It also doesn't help that PLACE UNIT is right above CANCEL and I have to be careful to tap the right one. Preferably, I'd like to see the CANCEL button where the PLACE UNIT button is, with a gap between CANCEL and BUY so I don't hit the wrong one.

    -Seekers: during placement, it'd be less confusing if the eye always looks where it's pointed even when bullets aren't hitting it. Sometimes the crosshairs are off screen so i dont know where its pointed. And when I select a seeker, it's crosshairs should automatically have a halo. Otherwise I can have lots of crosshairs from multiple seekers, often right next to each other on the same target, and i don't know which are which without trying them all.

    -Scroll speed on messages is pretty slow to my tastes.

    -Abilities menu: would love to know how abilities are changing as i upgrade them. Especially some visual indication showing how far blast will shoot, how big bubbles are, circumference of magnet ability, or how many seconds it takes to harvest a well, if i choose to upgrade them.

    -Canon upgrades: never noticed the orbs indicating canon level until I saw it mentioned in another thread. Does higher level mean more health, stronger bullets, both? This info should be in the tutorial, no?

  • Thanks for this post, lots of good questions and ideas here.

    -Glad you noticed the frame rate improvement. What device are you playing on?

    -When bullets go off the sides of the screen, you should be able to fly the ship partially offscreen to collect them. The reason it's like this is because the iPhone 5 has a wider screen. The edge of the world where the ship stops is the same on all devices, but the area that shows on screen is not.

    -We know about the issue in replays where occasionally the ship position gets slightly out of sync with the bullet collections which results in bullets disappearing seemingly on their own. Due to how we implemented the replays, this is gonna be tough to fix, but we will look into improving it at some point in the future. All bullet collections should be accurate to what actually happened tho, so the amount of collected energy should never be off. If you notice that happening, its a bug and please let me know.

    -You can turn off the "Place Unit" thing in options by setting Confirm Unit Purchases to off. Still, this is good feedback.

    -Very good idea about the Seeker target, I like it a lot. We'll add this.

    -Noted on the message scroll speed.

    -I do want to add more specific info about the abilities like you suggest, as well as more about the Units as well, like how much HP they have. Screen space is tight on those menus, so it might be a little while before we figure out how best to add this in, but it's definitely something I want to do.

    -Good call on the Cannon levels, we'll add this to the tutorial. The answer is the only thing that changes as the Cannons level up is how fast the movement speed of the bullets they fire is.

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