Crazy Addons??
  • I've been playing and winning some but losing more to super advanced players. With only 1 star to spend I can do only so much.

    I always get frustrated about the buildings being taken down too easily and once I placed or the enemy places cannons to destroy a building: I'd have to sell the cannons to move them anywhere else instead of having them shoot the empty ground.

    So maybe if there was a building fix perk where you hover over the buildings you can rebuild or repair. Or if you save up enough stars you can rebuild or build things on meteors, etc.

    If this building part can be added I think it'll add a whole new strategy part into the game where you can build your own stationary defenses in meteors or upgrade you building guns by making them shoot more stars.

    Maybe, just maybe, you could build your own Lenny craft with different looks :D or maybe you can upgrade your buildings for health and attack? Maybe build a stationary Death Star to attack from meteors!

    Idk: I could go on and on with ideas but I'd love to see more crazy awesome things
  • RE: "I'd have to sell the cannons to move them anywhere else instead of having them shoot the empty ground."

    Try using a seeker to re-aim your bullet stream to a still standing building.
  • Interesting ideas. Some of these are pretty dramatic changes to the game that we probably couldn't add without totally rebalancing a lot of the game. In a future update when we start thinking about adding new units or abilities to the game we can explore these ideas.

    I want to make sure I understand your frustrations though...

    When you say you only have 1 Star, do you mean you can't unlock all the Special Powers you want?

    Selling a Cannon is not the only option you have in that scenario, and its probably not the best since you lose all the levels (the orbs) on that Cannon when you do it. Instead, you can use a Seeker to retarget that Cannon's bullets into your other units to incorporate that firepower into the rest of your bullet pattern.

    In general, don't get discouraged when you lose to super advanced players. There is a lot of skill and strategy to this game that takes time to learn, so the advanced players have just been playing a lot more than you. Just keep practicing and you'll catch up. Check out this really good tutorial Will made that teaches a really powerful build order he uses:

  • building repair should be almost out of the question imo.

    the game is designed to be casual with niche high-level play for the hardcore. for experienced players matches rarely seem to go on past 10 sets. Building repair would be like adding more health in a fighting game. it doesn't add much strategy, it just extends the skill disparity and gives new players one more mechanic to worry about.

    I would say if it's considered; should be a very high level unlock that is insanely expensive to use- the cost prohibition will make it a late game only / hard-to-abuse mechanic.

    I only sell a canon if it's about to die, or if my opponent has wasted too much resources trying to target it. these days, everyone just spams guardians anyway so lately I dont usually sell them even on their last legs..

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