• How is everyone enjoying the private beta so far? What are your favorite strategies? What strategies aren't working that you think should be?

    If you don't have access to the beta yet and really want it, tell us!
  • If it's my turn first in a match I usually pass on building anything- with only 800 energy to start, I'd rather be on defense first. So maybe I feel like 800 energy to start isn't enough? With only being able to build max two cannons or one cannon + any combo of additional units, it's rather easy to collect all bullets on first defensive turn. Therefore on your sec allows you to buy and place units with more than 800 energy- plus you get to see what your opponents beginning set up is.
  • *Therefore on your second offensive turn, you get more than the 800 bullets- plus you to see what your opponents beginning set up is.
  • That's pretty interesting. It's true that your opponent is likely to capture all of your bullets at first. However getting cannons down does mean that your cannons will be upgraded earlier than your opponents' cannons. So there's a bit of a trade-off, in my mind. Maybe other people can weigh in.
  • I'll definitely think about this more, but my gut reaction is that placing nothing on your first turn is a fine move and probably a viable strategy. The thing is, 2 cannons alone is not so easy to defend for someone who has never played before (especially if they are placed rush-style on the forward nodes), so I am hesitant to raise the starting energy.

    It's also possible that player 2 starting with 800 is too much, since I think you're right that going first is a slight disadvantage. But to be sure we have to look at win percentages once we have more total games played on a stable build.
  • I think going "second" does give you an advantage as pointed out above.

    The minor advantage of getting a faster canon upgrade does not balance the ability to see first, counter/rush, collect/build. I greatly prefer going second/bldg nothing..

    Lately I've been building diff unit combos my first turn just to mix it up. I've only ever tried the "bullet starvation tactic" on William, in a game where I built 50 forkers.
  • What's meant by "your canons will be upgraded sooner"?
    Do canons become more powerful over time?
    I also concluded after a couple games that buying anything on the first turn seems pointless.
    The only case in which I could see value in placing canons first would be in claiming advantageous energy wells (though that wouldn't apply to the maps where every well is mirrored both horizontally and vertically).
  • Cannon upgrading refers to the little orbs that Cannon gain, one per turn. The higher the Cannon level, the faster the bullets it shoots move.

    Another reason to get Cannons out on the first turn is so that you can Harvest off them on your first defense, if you choose to upgrade Harvest first.

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