Issue with Game Center sandbox...
  • So err I tried to play a game with Lucas... So I tried signing in to sandbox for starlicker. Now all my previous matches are gone and my stats reset... When I try to start a new game the game won't allow... Wtf is going on? Is my sandbox messed up? I can go Game Center on all other games fine: this is the only sandbox game I have though
  • Please help us out by providing a bit more info..

    Did you sign into the sandbox on the same device you've been playing on?

    If you did this after around 10pm Eastern, there was a server outage which would explain why your matches were gone.

    Try it again today and report back with what happens.

    By the way, "Sandbox" Game Center just means its not the real Game Center because the game isn't on the App Store yet. It's a separate Game Center for testing.
  • Things work fine now but my upgrades bought in store disappeared... And yes this is the same device. Just that before I didn't use sandbox mode and I think that just created a whole new profile. It's all good now

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