Seeker Aim Reticle issue
  • Hi, I know how to go around this issue but just wanted to let you guys know.

    When you buy a seeker near the bottom of the screen in building your attack, the reticle at times goes to the bottom where the "done" or other buttons are... Thus taking some time to get that little thing out of the bottom:

    So far I've been getting it out by holding an empty area and pulling the reticle out with a second finger... Maybe there could be a reticle movement zone restriction on the bottom of the screen where the buttons are? (Next patch maybe?)

  • There is actually a button just for this -- the square button with an arrow on it on the very left of the bottom panel. Tap that and the bottom panel should slide away, tap it again to bring it back. I guess the button isn't very obvious. :/

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