Patch Notes - v. 0.9.26
  • There are some pretty big gameplay changes in this version. We especially want to hear what you think of the new Blast, and the new Cannon requirements.



    New Features:
    -Turns now starts with the replay loaded and the option to skip viewing the replay
    -An alarm sound and new HUD notification icon has been added during defense when a City has low HP
    -Icons for all HUD notifications have been updated
    -The end of a winning or losing replay now plays the appropriate music
    -Transitions between menu screens are now a big quicker
    -Added a rematch option at the end of an online match
    -Updated art for Seeker
    -Added animation for Bubbles popping
    -Updated art for the Fire Extinguisher Freezie and Ice Melter Dragon
    -Added impact animations to ghost bullets and aim assist lasers during offense setup
    -Added a selection highlight to the target associated with a selected Seeker
    -Added a button to hide the HUD while watching a replay

    Balance Changes:
    -Blast now has the ability to disable any enemy unit it hits for the remainder of the round. The rate of fire of Blast has been reduced, but the damage per Blast has been increased, such that the total damage that can be dealt has been slightly reduced overall. When disabled, Cannons stop firing bullets and other units no longer affect bullet streams that pass through them.
    -Blast Shield Seeker is now completely invulnerable to Blast damage and the disable effect
    -Changed Squiggle's bullet pattern to add some horizontal sway to where the bullets originate. This makes the bullets start more spread out and is intended as a minor buff to the unit.
    -Magnet-affected bullets now change to ghost bullets, which means they will still impact friendly units as usual, but they will not cause any damage
    -Added a minimum number of Cannons requirement for buying units. Splittler, Squiggle and Puffler require that you own 1 Cannon. Seeker and Guardian require 2 Cannons. Freezie and Demon require 3 Cannons.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue where match buttons would be highlighted from scrolling the match list when they shouldn't be
    -Fixed issue where number of wins on the profile screen was wrong
    -Fixed various issues where Stardust would be awarded twice for the same thing
    -Fixed issue where Harvesting sound effect would get stuck looping when the game ended or was paused
    -Fixed issue where explosions would keep playing while the game was paused
    -Fixed issue where some profile data would be lost the first time you load up the game logged into Game Center
    -Fixed issue where you couldn't unlock something with Diamonds when you had exactly enough
    -Fixed issue where view scrolling would be faster at the top of the screen than at the bottom
    -Fixed issue where Seeker would show 0 sell value when the target was selected

    Known Issues:
    -Various inconsistencies in the unit behavior during replays
  • been playing, really enjoying it, juggling like 6 games or something.

    one probably easy fix i noticed early is with the minimum Cannon requirements.. i like the requirements but they're easy to get around.. i just in a round, bought three cannons, bought a freeze bro, sold 1 cannon, and it let me keep my freeze bro
  • Hahaha! Wow nice find, I can't believe we didn't realize before that exploit would be possible. I'll start trying to think of a good solution.
  • i like the aim assist impact animations, huge upgrade, but i think they're a little too hard to see because aim assist is so inherently fast moving.. maybe make the *HIT* more bold / clear / different color / something to standout more then just a fraction of a second green explosion
  • Noted, you aren't the first person to say that. We'll work on it.
  • magnet-affected ghost-bullets look a little too much like freeze bullets imo
  • -Added a selection highlight to the target associated with a selected SeekerAdded a selection highlight to the target associated with a selected Seeker"
    This has been helpful but isn't effective if target is offscreen. If I have to tap the screen to scroll, the unit is deselected and the target loses its halo.
  • Good call. The simplest thing I can think of off the top of my head to address this is to make it so units don't get deselected when you tap to scroll.

    We'll think about this some more and figure out the best way to address it in a future update.

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