Tech Tree
  • What are your thoughts on this new tech tree (i.e. 2 cannons required for seeker/guardian and 3 cannons required for freezie/demon)?

    I understand it's intended to guide player purchases, especially for beginners. But I see the current version adversely effecting both rushes and comebacks. Right now if you fall behind, or if your cannons are destroyed, then the tech tree causes you to fall even further behind because you don't have access to all of the units your opponent has.

    On the other hand, this may lead player to the conclusion that it's a good strategy to go focus on attacking buildings as well as cannons, which is a good thing in my opinion. But at what cost?

  • Are your concerns theoretical, or have you had actual matches where it was impossible to comeback because a unit was not available to you when you were behind?

    I think attacking Cannons as well as Cities is a good strategy with or without this change.
  • It happened in one match where I would have liked to have bought a demon but in the previous wave my third cannon was destroyed.
  • yeah i think the three cannon requirements are too high for demon and freezie. i think they should be two.
  • I have been noticing a few cases where I've wanted Freezie/Demon with only two Cannons, but I wonder if it's a good thing to force the player to have 3 Cannons for it to slow down the very powerful fire/ice braid pattern.

    This wasn't the original goal of putting in the Cannon requirements, but it might be a nice side effect. I think we have to play with it more before we jump to conclusions.
  • what was the original goal for the new reqs?
    i think what might be better is, once you've unlocked units in the tech tree, they stay unlocked for the rest of the game. i too have found myself at a disadvantage after losing my third canon while the other player has three canons, demon, freezie... and i dont have much of a chance to return the favor : P
  • The original goal was to constrain the amount of choice there is in the early rounds to make it simpler for new players, without negatively impacting the game in any significant way.

    I'm starting to think that the way it is currently implemented, the Cannon requirement is negatively impacting the game for several more experienced players, so we need to reconsider this change.
  • gotcha.
    just some art philosophy but i've learned with music and writing that you don't want to over explain things. people like the feeling of "getting it". obviously with games a player needs to understand the rules but i think with the tutorial mode and especially if you have a single player mode for them to cut their teeth on, players will pick it up very quickly.

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