game is crashing
  • first time this has happened. it happens at what seems to be the same point during my defensive turn. the game freezes and then the program closes. its happened three times now with this match.
    i don't know if theres anyways for you to access the match data and look for the bug but its my current game with 'alontods' and my name is 'Fun?'
  • Is there a Healing Wave Guardian in use in the match? Alontods reported a similar crash a few days ago and it turned out to be caused by an error that occurs when the healing bullets hit the ground. We have a fix that will be in the next patch early next week. Until then, avoid using the Healing Wave special power. Sorry about that!
  • yup, just happened again in another match also right after healing wave explosion.

    another glitch ive been getting from time to time is that when i'm shooting bubbles, even though im tapping in the middle of the screen, the pause button is triggered. my finger is definitely not hitting it.
  • Cool, that pause glitch is a new one, we'll look into that. Thanks for the report.
  • Update! Not a glitch after all haha. Realized that when I'm shooting bubbles, my ring finger is hovering above the pause button and accidentally taps it from time to time. :P
  • Just had a legit glitch. During my opponents defense one of my squiggles was not working. It was unanimated as if it had been deactivated by a blast but was like that the whole turn with bullets just passing though it. And after the replay, during my turn, it was just gone even though it still had 75% life. Lemme know if you need anymore info.
  • This sounds very similar to another bug we recently found where Cannons did not fire any bullets during the replay, and then just be gone the next turn.

    We are pretty certain its the same root cause. We have a fix coming soon in the next patch. Thanks again for the awesome testing and feedback :D
  • Thanks for the awesome game. It's growing on me... unlike most iPhone games which are fun for a few days and then *delete*

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