0.9.27 Delay
  • You may have noticed it's been a little while since we put out a new build of the game. I just want to let everyone know that 0.9.27 got delayed due to the recent incident with Apple's developer site getting hacked (http://devimages.apple.com/maintenance/). This prevents us from making new distribution builds, so I apologize if you've been eager for a new build. The next build will be out as soon as Apple's site comes back online.

    Also, 0.9.27 will be the last private build that will be made available to new testers, since we have completely exhausted the number of devices Apple allows us to test on.

    This means that within the next few weeks, we will release a public build of the game to the App Store. We have lots of plans to keep updating the game after this, so you should still expect the game to keep improving for several months after. It just means that anyone who wants to play StarLicker will be able to. It also means that the in-game shop will become functional, so players can start supporting us monetarily if they choose to.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped us test the game so far. We wouldn't be here without you.

  • <3<br />
    i texted you (hayden) about this but worth reminding i think that the typing noise still plays even if sound fx are at 0.. that should be fixed.. i also think the typing noise is a little bit too loud.. also the intro sparkly synth blast thing plays when sound fx are at 0 and shouldn't either i don't think
  • @alontods, those are going to be fixed in 0.9.27. Their volume now follows your settings, and the typing noise is softer by default.

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