Patch Notes - v. 0.9.27
  • 0.9.27

    BETA - this is likely the last build we will distribute before we submit the game to the App Store!

    New Features:
    -You can now hold down the second finger on the screen to automatically rapid-fire Bubbles
    -You can now tap on Lenny with a single finger to fire a Bubble (this is in addition to the second finger tap also firing Bubbles)
    -New menu design for unlocking and setting up Special Powers
    -Substantial improvements to the look and feel of all the menu screens
    -There is now a limit of 5 active matches at a time, until you buy any number of Diamonds from the Shop. Diamonds are still free in this build, but you have to "buy" one to increase your active match limit. This simulates how it will be once the game is on the App Store
    -Regular Ice and Jagged Ice Bullets now look slightly different
    -Various updates and improvements to the Tutorial
    -Stardust has been renamed to XP
    -Added a size blip to Lenny every time you absorb a Bullet
    -A yellow glow has been added to Lenny to indicate that he is invulnerable to Bullets
    -Lifebars now flash red or green each time a unit takes damage or heals
    -Updated particle effects for unit explosions and Super
    -Credits screen has been updated (Beta testers' names still need to be added)
    -Entrench map has been renamed Aggro Zag

    Balance Changes:
    -Cannon requirement to buy units has been reverted - you can now buy any unit regardless of the number of Cannons you have
    -Newbie Sky map has been renamed to Groovy Sky, and the outer Asteroids have been removed from it
    -Asteroid Mines map has been removed from the game (for now, it may return in some form in the future)
    -Bullets under the effect of Magnet will no longer be captured by Bubbles
    -Fire bullets under the effect of Magnet no longer burn out - they now stay out as long as normal bullets do
    -Demon HP has been reduced to 300 (was 400)
    -Collision size and shape of Cities has been widened slightly, and Energy node positions on maps have been adjusted accordingly
    -Collision sizes and shapes of all units have been adjusted slightly
    -Cannons now start firing a short time after the player gets control of Lenny
    -Fire bullets will now not hit anything as soon as they begin fading out
    -Drastically increased the base amount of XP earned per turn
    -Adjusting the Star and Diamond cost of most Special Powers

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed crash caused by Healing Bullets from the Healing Wave Guardian hitting the ground
    -Fixed issue where, under certain circumstances, a unit would behave incorrectly during the replay and then just disappear
    -Fixed issue where flicking Lenny through Ice Bullets would avoid the slow down effect
    -Fixed issue where it was possible for the match list to scroll way too far down
    -Fixed issue where the slowing aura of a Guardian would not affect Bullets that were fired directly into Splitter, Squiggle, Puffler or Seeker at point blank range
    -It is no longer possible to buy a Cannon when there are no free nodes left on the map to place it on
    -Fixed various issues in the replay where incorrect animations and behaviors would occur
    -Fixed issue where the iPhone screen would dim immediately at the end of a replay if no touches occurred during it
    -Fixed issue where you would still ge the No Units Destroyed XP bonus even if you lost a City
    -Fixed issue where the Wave number in the pause screen did not always show correctly during a replay
    -Fixed issues where audio would stop playing when it got interrupted by audio from other apps
    -Fixed issue where typing SFX and title screen chord were not affected by volume controls in options
    -Fixed issue where sprites would sometimes be stretched or twitching by 1 pixel
    -Plus fixes for other small bugs that you probably never even noticed!

    Known Issues:
    -In rare cases, replays show incorrectly with Bullets passing through objects. If you encounter a bug like this, please report it to us with some information about what you did in the game right before it occurred
    -Game does not run on iPad 1 or iPhone 3rd generation devices
  • Hmm i liked the minimum cannon requirements i think, but was i alone on that? Excited to get into the beta!!
  • Yeah a bunch of people didn't like it and we decided it just wasn't accomplishing the goal we wanted it to which was to guide new players to building more Cannons early on. I think there are better ways to accomplish this that we will explore in a future update.

    But I'm curious, what about it did you like?
  • I have to say that I came to like the requirements too. I think it's because it adds an element of strategy and a feeling of progression in a match. But I think if its reinstated, once the units are unlocked, they should stay unlocked for the entire match. Otherwise your opponent has too much advantage if you lose cannons/unit-access.
  • i think what i liked about it was more the second half of a match then the first half. it's nice for building in the first half (everyone obviously gets to the point of having unlocked everything).. but i like at the end you can't just sell your cannons and buy a bunch of guardians and stock up on XP.. an you can't just sell all your shit and buy a demon and two seekers etc etc..
  • "-In rare cases, replays show incorrectly with Bullets passing through objects..."
    This happened with me in a match. Two turns in a row, same scenario: opponent has positioned his ship between my cannon and a splitter (which I thought were positioned point blank) and obviously he's collecting bullets but in the replays the bullets are coming out of the splitter and then passing through his cities.
    BTW, I can't tell if if point blank positioning keeps the bullets protected until they pass through the adjoined unit. Seems like with certain units, sometimes yes, at other times no.
  • "-Fixed issue where, under certain circumstances, a unit would behave incorrectly during the replay and then just disappear"
    Just had this happen again. In replay cannon was active but there were no bullets and the adjacent units were not activated and the opponent acted as if their was no cannon there so I think it disappeared after my turn, before his, despite the fact that it was in the replay. After replay, cannon had disappeared.
  • @GinkgoBalboa, do you know if the offending turn was played with the old or new version of the game? And either way, can you open the game, hit pause, and tell me the number on the bottom left, so I can check it out?
  • "269"
    I dunno about the opponent's version but I think this match was started before the last update so maybe that's it.
  • @GinkgoBalboa, I was able to find the problem and fix it for the next release. It seems to occur when a player loses a unit, but does not finish the round, and then later comes back to the game and restarts the round. That should be fixed now (although force-quitting the game to retry is discouraged).
  • Ahh well I have force quit if I've made a stupid oversight so not surprised if that was it. Defense can be very unforgiving :P

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