Restore game data?
  • Deleted and reinstalled app. Any way to retrieve my matches?
  • If you use Game Center, this is automatic.

    If you don't, then iOS doesn't let us know. I'll put some technical notes on why at the end of this post if you're curious. But for a fix...

    We still have the data, obviously, so if you tell me what your player name was before (from your profile), and set your current name to the same thing (or something similar anyway), I can fix it in the database myself. Just reply with your old name (and new name, if different), and I'll fix it up.

    Tech note on why this happens: when you use Game Center, we use that as your ID. When you don't, we use the only device ID available to us, which is a "vendor" device ID, which would be specific to all games made by us. That vendor ID is normally remembered, but, I guess for privacy concerns, it is changed when you delete all apps from that company from your device. Since we just have the one game, deleting it and reinstalling it gives you a new device-vendor ID, and we have no way to link back to your old data (except manually, as described above, entirely on the honor system).
  • Gotcha. Username was "Fun?" And now it's "Swamper"
    How do I use the game through Game Center? Starlicker isn't in it's list of games when I open it.
  • Since its not on the App Store yet, you have to log into what they call the Game Center "Sandbox". If you launch the Game Center app right after launching StarLicker, it *should* say "sandbox" in the bottom left and allow you to log into it.

    I know this is totally confusing and annoying. It won't be long until SL is on the App Store, so you can just wait until then and use normal Game Center.
  • Okay, I believe I was able to merge your old matches into your new profile. Let me know if you see anything wrong!
  • Looks like its all there. Thanks

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