Patch Notes - v. 1.0.0
  • This is the first build we are submitting to Apple for review.

    We may decide to not release it until we fix the replay bugs that are still occurring, but in any case, this is pretty much the version that will be publicly available in the near future. Enjoy!



    New Features:
    -Added the option to abort a match before an opponent has joined it
    -Audio mute button added to main menu screen
    -New look for the title screen logo
    -Changed ordering of match list so completed matches are always at the bottom
    -Level 20 is now the maximum level

    Balance Changes:
    -Persistent Ghost Demon now always survives a full extra turn regardless of whether it was destroyed with a Blast or not
    -Slightly increased collision size of Asteroids

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue where the first viewing of a replay would have Lenny with the wrong Abilities upgraded
    -Fixed issue where quitting the app in the middle of a round would cause usings to be wrongly destroyed
    -Fixed issue where friendly Guardians could cancel out the slow effect of opponent's Guardians
    -Fixed various instances of framerate lag
    -Fixed graphical artifacts where some pixels would appear to be stretched or twitching
    -Fixed issue where the menu music could start playing on the title screen under certain circumstances
    -Fixed issue where looping sound effects didn't follow the volume setting in options
    -Fixes issue where Seeker could redirected bullets at a slightly different angle depending on how fast the bullet was moving

    Known Issues:
    -iPad1 and iPhone3GS are no longer supported (for now) and won't run the app
    -Replay inconsistencies with Bullets staying visible when they should have been absorbed by a Bubble and a rare case where a City can survive in a replay when it was actually destroyed

    New Features:
    -Added new visual asset for XP bar panel

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue with inconsistencies in Replays with Bubbles absorbing Bullets

    Known Issue:
    -There may still be a rare issue where a building can survive in the replay when it was actually destroyed. Please let us know if you encounter anything like this.

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