Patch Notes - v. 1.0.1
  • This is the version that will be publicly available on the App Store in the very near future!


    New Features:
    -Added new StarLicker logo art
    -Added button in the shop to buy the soundtrack on iTunes

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue where bullets coming out of Pufflers placed at the edge of a Guardian's aura were not properly slowed
    -Fixed issue where one fire bullet could hit certain units multiple times
    -Fixed issue where aim assist lasers did not go through a Self Healing Guardian
    -Fixed issue where full Super bar did not glow during replays
    -Fixed issue where pressing the "End Replay" button at a certain time opened a portal to hell
    -Fixed visual glitch when healing bullets hit the ground
    -Fixed issue where the Guardian aura would not properly show on offense if it got hit with a Blast in the previous turn

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