Old Patch Notes
  • Here are the patch notes from every old build since we've been recording them. If you're curious how the game has changed over the course of development, enjoy :)



    New Features:

    -Replays! You can now watch how your opponenet defended against your pattern, and you can also rewatch your own defense. You can also view previous turns so you can rewatch entire matches after they end
    -The Shop is now open for business. The In-App Purchases are disabled since this is the private beta. If you try to buy something for real money, it won't let you and instead give you plenty of free Diamonds to spend
    -New Art for Lenny's ship, Cities (formerly Buildings), Bullets, Bullet impact fx
    -New music track for the menu screens
    -Specializations are now known as Special Powers
    -Defensive Upgrades are now known as Abilities
    -Message of the Day (formerly News) now comes from the server so it can be updated between patches
    -Profile page has been redesigned to reflect what it will show when the game first launches
    -Bubbles popping offscreen now have a HUD alert
    -Rough version of credits screen has been added

    Balance Changes:
    -Maximum level for defensive Abilities has been reduced from 5 down to 4
    -The option to Retry on defense has been removed from the game
    -Fire rate of Blast has been reduced but damage has been increased to compensate
    -Bullets that pass through Seeker now "jump forward" a bit to mimic the behavior of the other pattern-changing units
    -Magnet attraction speeds have been adjusted at all levels
    -The defense round now does not end while there is still an active Bubble containing Energy on the map
    -Bullets slowed by the Protector aura now return to their original speed when they leave the circle of influence
    -Signficanly reduced Protector HP
    -Spiral Burst Power on the Puffer has been removed
    -Armor Power has been removed from Protector and added to Puffer
    -Protector now has a Power that increases the range of its slowing aura, default range has been decreased
    -Aura sizes of Ice Melter and Fire Extinguisher Powers have been increased

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixing issue where Healing Wave Power on Protector didn't work
    -Asteroids now have explosion fx and a HUD alert
    -Stabilizing game at low framerates by using a fixed time step
    -Fixing issue where you could not pan the view at the end of defense
    -Fixing issue where Ice Melter and Fire Extinguisher auras did not work if the opponent's Dragon or Freezie was positioned within the aura
  • 0.9.22


    New Features:

    -New Stardust and Leveling numbers (Work in Progress)
    -Tap the top right corner of the Match List screen (the placeholder Lenny icon) to manually re-sync with the server

    Balance Changes:

    -Improved tightness of Lenny controls, he now follows you finger more closely
    -Increased the energy collection rate in the early Harvest levels
    -Increased width of Cannon Pulse Shot to match other Specializations
    -Improved Asteroid Mines map to eliminate the "corridor of death"
    -Removed some Energy Wells from Newbie Sky to make it an easier map
    -Increased size and capacity of Bubbles slightly at all levels
    -Removed "splash" damage from Blast, each Blast bullet now only hits a single target
    -Increased range of Blast at all update levels
    -Bubble Explosion Attack has been removed from the game (did you even know this was in the game?)
    -Increased the HP of most units substantially to make units more effective "meat shields"
    -Increasing launch speed of Bubbles and making them slow down more, almost to a stop. This makes Bubble much more effective at stopping bullets in a different part of the map from where Lenny is defending.
    -Reduced Energy cost of Protector, Freezie and Dragon
    -Reduced speed up factor of Bullet Accelerator Seeker
    -Reduced the speed up factor of each Cannon level by a small amount
    -Adjustment to some Energy Well positions on First Contact map
    -Increased the size of the screen edge region where units can not be placed so that units are not cut off as much at the edge on iPhone 4
    -Reduced size and capacity of Bubbles fired from the Automatic Bubbler Spreader
    -Changed Magnet to attract bullets to the ship more gradually which makes the Magnet a little less powerful and visually more interesting

    Bug Fixes:

    -Fixed issue where buttons at the bottom of the screen would snap up if the Place Unit interface was dismissed quickly
    -Fixed issues with syncs failing occassionally and general improvments to the robustness of
    -Fixed issue where sometimes a match would start with some Upgrade levels already gained
    -Fixed issue where Harvest Bullets would sometimes linger after the round has ended
    -Fix bell sound effect when the Radiation bar hits the top
    -Fixed issue where Harvest animation didn't stop when the round ended
    -Fixed issue where Lenny would stay in Super after the match ended
    -Fixed error message when trying to invite a friend who wasn't in the system
    -Fixed animation bug when moving a Pulse Shot Cannon between Energy Wells
    -Fixed overly large collision size of Blast bullets
    -Fixed problem where bullets under the affact of Magnet could still get absorbed by a Puffer
    -Fixed problem where taps to move Lenny would sometimes be read as flicks
    -Fixed too short timeout for communications with the server that was causing sync failures
    -Fixed issue where the "damaged" auras shown on the Assess Losses screen would not go away
  • 0.9.21


    New Features:

    -Protector has been redesigned. It no longer releases healing bullets when it takes damage. Instead, it has a cicular aura around it which greatly slows down incoming bullets within it's range. The mushroom art is now placeholder and will be changed later.
    -Harvesting has been redesigned and is now a 4th skill that can be upgraded. Cannons no longer harvest energy automatically and can no longer be charged up by Lenny. Instead, Lenny harvests energy directly out of friendly Cannons during defense by flying near them. You can harvest a maximum of 200 energy out of a single Cannon per round.
    -You can now choose the map when starting a match with Invite a Friend.
    -New players are now prompted to enter a name so they don't show up as "Lenny".
    -Pulse Beam Specialization added for the Cannon. Harvest Efficiency and Quick Charge have been removed.
    -Spiral Burst Specialization added for the Puffer. Energy Depository has been removed.
    -Freeze Alternator Specialization has been added to Freezie. Coolant Spray has been removed.
    -Units now default to no Specialization and it is now possible to select no Specialization for a Unit.
    -New map Newbie Sky has been added as a simple map for new players.
    -New art for Spreader sprite.

    Balance Changes:

    -Bullets now always count for energy even when Super bar is full.
    -Radius for collecting bullets on the ship has been increased slightly.
    -Magnet radius has been reduced at low upgrade levels.
    -Super Magnet now lasts much longer as the Magnet upgrade level increases.
    -Bubbles now last much longer before they pop at all upgrade levels.
    -Bubble Explosion now requires focused Blast fire on a Bubble to trigger.
    -Super bar now takes much more to fill up and the progress carries over to the next round.
    -Range limitation has been removed from Blasts that go through a Blast Conduit Seeker.
    -Split angle has been widened on the Fork, except for the Arc Beams Specialization which is still narrower.
    -Slight speed increase to Bullets that pass through a Twin Stream Spreader.
    -Ice Bullets now cause a small amount of damage, and Jagged Ice Bullets cause a little more.
    -The stage 1 Freeze effect now slows you down less, so you have to collect more Ice before you really feel slowing affect.
    -The world is now slightly taller which adds more space between the Energy Wells and the Towers to make rushes easier to defend.
    -First Contact and Asteroid Mining maps have been changed to discourage rush builds on them.
    -Asteroid Belt map has been removed.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Bullets inside Puffers are no longer affected by the Super Magnet.
    -Fixed issue where round would cut off prematurely if you activated Super after the last bullet was collected.
    -Pressing Assess Loses no longe changes the background music.
    -Syncs can no longer happen during the active defense round.
    -Fix issue where wrong Specialization description would sometimes show.
    -Increase tap area of buttons to include the label text as well as the icon.
    -Fix issue where Upgrade help menu was cut off and unreadable.
    -Move background music switch so that it does not cause a framerate hitch.
  • 0.9.20


    We got lots of great constructive feedback on the game during GDC. We decided that the defense gameplay had some issues that were bringing down players' overall enjoyment of the game. In this build, we made some major changes that we believe make the game a lot more fun and more strategic. After you try it out, please tell us what you think!

    New Features:
    -The view on an iPad is now more zoomed out, and horizontal scrolling has been removed from all devices. You can't place units at the edges of the world on iPhone5 since they will be hidden from view on other devices.
    -Two new background music tracks! One of the 3 defense songs is chosen at random to play during defense.
    -Reworked unit "voice" sound effects.
    -Added a small button to hide the larger buttons in the GUI that occassionally blocked the bottom of the screen.
    -Game now pauses when you get an interruption from the OS like low battery or a txt.

    Balance Changes:

    -On defense, you no longer have to return to base to deposit energy. Now you gain energy immediately upon collecting bullets with Lenny.
    -Lenny's ship can no longer overheat.
    -The ship now gains Radiation as it collects bullets. Tap the radiation bar once its full to enter Super. Super enhances your defensive abilities. While the Radiation bar is full, you can still collect bullets but they won't count for Energy until you activate Super.
    -Defensive upgrades no longer cost Energy. Instead, you gain 1 upgrade point per turn that you can spend on leveling up one of the three defensive abilities. Each ability has 5 levels of power.
    -All Specializations for the StarLicker ship have been removed.
    -The Blast attack can no longer be used by tapping the ship. Instead, the Blast automatically fires for the duration of Super, once it is upgraded to level 1 or higher.
    -Blast attack no longer damages Buildings so it can no longer be used to win a match directly.
    -Bullets under the affect of Magnet no longer damage friendly units while they are close to Lenny.
    -Bullets now pass through a Bubble that is at full capacity.
    -Buildings now fire a cluster of 3 normal bullets instead of their own special bullet type.
    -The defense round now ends when there are no more bullets on screen or when Super expires. The round timer display has been removed.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Fixed issue where bullets that went through a Forker or Spreader into a Puffer were not properly sped up by the Puffer.
    -Fixed issue where destroyed Buildings would still fire bullets and block placement of units.
    -Fixed issue where text on forfeit screen was cut off.
  • 0.9.19


    GDC BUILD - This is the build we are bringing with us to GDC tomorrow!

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed an issue where different Specializations would sometimes be used in Pass and Play than what the player chose
    -Fixed an issue where the "Earned a Star" message comes up multiple times.
    -Fixed a crash caused by weird characters in certain player names
    -Some other minor fixes



    New Features:
    -New App Icon (still not the final icon)
    -SOLO mode has been removed temporarily. We felt that this mode needs significant addition work to make it a quality mode. This mode will return to the game in the near future.
    -Improved Energy gain feedback particle effects
    -Making Specializations cost 0 Stars to unlock (temporarily) so testers can try out any ones they want
    -Added simple help menus to explain in more detail all the features of the game to the curious player

    Balance Changes :

    Bug Fixes:
    -Some minor ones, nothing too interesting

    0.9.17, 0.9.16, 0.9.15


    New Features:
    -Invite a Friend is now functional. You must be signed into the GameCenter Sandbox to use it (until the game is on the App Store, then regular GameCenter will suffice). Your real GameCenter friends list will not carry over into the SandBox, so make sure you tell your friends with the game your Sandbox GC name.
    -Buildings now look different depending on how damage they have taken (placeholder art)
    -Retry and Surrender buttons added to the Pause menu
    -Moved Specialization choices into their own menu to make the New Match screen less overwhelming
    -Buttons for matches where it is "THEIR TURN" show up dimmer in the list
    -New particle effects for when a unit is salvaged, when a unit takes damage, and energy being gained (placeholder art)
    -Units now visually activate and deactivate based on whether they are "powered" by a bullet stream passing through them
    -Incoming bullet HUD alert now shows up to 3 incoming alerts instead of just 1
    -Added warning message when you start overheating
    -Added warning message when you try to place a unit such that it is unpowered
    -Added a proper Stardust earning meter, earning Stars and Leveling Up (this feature is still a work in progress)
    -Added turn recap screen to Pass and Play mode
    -New art for all the different variations of the Cannon

    Balance Changes:
    -Players now start the match with 800 Energy (up from 600)
    -Nerfed the range of Blasts when used with the Seeker's Blast Conduit Specialization
    -Reduced the cost of the Protector to 300 (down from 500)

    Bug Fixes:
    -Too many to list! Please report any new bugs you find to us by email, txt, Facebook, etc.
  • 0.9.14

    New Features:
    -New sound effects added for charging up a Harvester, and Asteroids taking damage
    -Added a Sound Test mode under options (Note: This is a tool to make sound mixing easier and will probably not ship with the game.)

    Bug Fixes:
    -Sound effects that were too quiet are now properly mixed so you can hear them
    -Fixed bug where Ship would not be selected at the start of the defense phase
    -Fixed bug where HUD alerts were showing for damage to Asteroids
    -Fixed bug in Chromozone map where central nodes were too close together


    New Features:
    -Added Confirm/Cancel buttons when spending Energy on a new unit or upgrade
    -Added buttons for Retry and Surrender
    -New HUD Alerts for off-screen events like nearest Bullet, differentiation between damage and destruction of a unit, and healing
    -Unit sprites now change depending on which Specialization is selected for that unit. Note: Most of this is currently placeholder art
    -Added a recap of the opponents turn that is viewable before your turn starts in online matches
    -Round Timer display is no longer a Debug-only option
    -Server will now disallow you from syncing when you do not have the latest version
    -New maps: Asteroid Mining and Chromozone are now in the online map pool

    Balance Changes:
    -Bullet Speed Upgrade has been removed from the game. Instead, the bullet speed of each Cannon automatically upgrades for each turn the Cannon is out on the map

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed Issues with online matches becoming corrupted

    Known Issues:
    -Animation flicker on the Spreader when Automatic Bubbler is selected
    -Aura does not display on Spreader every turn when Dynamic Positioning is selected


    ATTENTION: There are some bugs in this build affecting online play. If you play online matches on this build, expect to encounter some game-breaking issues. Thank you for your patience as we work on fixes.

    New Features:
    -Added Flick Sensitivity option to the Options menu
    -Unlocking Specializations cost 0 Stars temporarily so that everyone can test out all the Specializations
    -Two new maps - "Asteroid Mining" and "Chromozone" - these are not yet in the online play pool, but they will be soon, and you can test them out in Pass and Play

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed match corruption issue
    -Fixed bug where Puffers would not release bullets they were holding at the end of a round if that player had no Cannons out
    -Fixed issue where activation animations and sounds were playing at the wrong time
    -Fixed minor bugs with multitouch and flicking
  • 0.9.11

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed bug where a unit could become permanently unplaceable if it was attempting to be placed over a unit in the process of salvaging
    -Fixed bug where units that should be unmovable could be flicked
    -Fixed bug where taps would sometimes result in the ship flying out of control to the corner of the screen


    New Features:
    -You can now formally retry a defense turn with the Retry button. Your opponent will see the number of times you retried each round
    -Zap attack has been renamed to Blast attack, and it now functions as a projectile with a short range. The range increases slightly when Aggro Blast is upgraded
    -Added Targeting Lasers option during offense preparation to make it easier to aim bullet streams
    -Added option to dismiss completed games from the match list, by tapping the eyeball icon (placeholder art) in the top right of the button

    Balance Changes:
    -Long Range Magnet specialization removed from the game, Magnet now gets the extra range by default when it is upgraded
    -Bullet attraction speed to Magnet now increases as the bullet gets closer to the Absorber
    -Reduced cost of Magnet upgrade to 400 (down from 600)
    -Increased the vertical size of the absorb region on the Ship
    -Duration of level 1 free effect has been reduced to half
    -Blast Shield (formerly Zap Shield) now reduces Blast damage to 1 instead of preventing it entirely
    -Range of Fire bullets with the Extended Burnout reduced to 700 (down from 2000)
    -Doubled the amount of damage healed by Healing bullets
    -Cannon HP increased to 300 (up from 200)
    -Spreader HP decreased to 200 (down from 300)
    -Bubbles and Fire bullets now cancel each other out instead of passing through each other
    -Initial speed of Bubbles reduced to 100 (down from 150)

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed green sparks showing over Harvesters that are already fully charged up
    -Improved sort order of matches displayed in the match list
    -Fixed issue where units would not stay selected during offense preparation unless they were tapped
    -Improved responsiveness and fixed bugs with "flicking" the ship across the screen

    Known Issues:
    -Blast Conduit specialization on Seeker is suspected to be very over-powered
    -Bug when attempting to place a unit over a unit that is in the process of salvaging - the unit will become permanently unplaceable, requiring the app to be restarted
    -Bug where units that should not be moveable can be nudged with flicking motions
  • 0.9.9

    IndieCade Demo Build



    -Polish and Bug fixes



    -Bug fixes
    -Improvements to Specialization menus
    -Other random changes and improvements



    Looking for feedback on what you think needs to be polished more before this weekend.


    -Adding new placeholder art for all the Specializations and Upgrades on the Lenny ship


    -Various bug fixes
    -New Shield sprite


    -Updating art for Cannon


    -New Options menu (WIP)
    -Updating art for Cannon and fixing bug in Forker art


    -Several bug fixes
    -Redesigned Asteroid Belt map
    -Added a new SFX for when new units are spawned and moved the robot sounds to play when the new unit activates for the first time


    -ONLINE MODE IS WORKING AND STABLE - go to New Match > Online to start or join a game, you opponent will be selected automatically (its a very tiny group of testers right now).
    -Doubling Energy costs and values of everything, which allows Rapid Fire and Double Barrel Cannons to fire twice as many "half size" bullets.
    -Updating art for Forker and Spreader
  • 0.8.25

    -First build with Online play working


    -All Tweaks implemented - looking for feedback on the designs (Note: the stats on most of the Tweaks are wrong, but the descriptions are accurate).
    -Updated Energy Blast art


    -Lots more Specializations are implemented
    -New art for Cannon


    -Adding various new sound effects - first pass of all sounds are now in game
    -Adding new art for Dragon and updating Puffer


    -Updating art for Freezer and Sniper
    -Beginnings of new Tweak system, 5 new on Cannon, 2 new on Freezer
    -Game Center integration for online IDs


    -Updated art for Puffer, Fire Bullet, Healing Bullet and bullet ghosts.
    -Fixed bug where Energy meter was broken


    -More progress on the new menus
    -Updated graphics for Fire, Ice and Healing bullets
    -Fixed bugs with bullet size and collision
    -Other minor stuff


    This build is for in game art viewing only

    Updated art for Fire Bullets, Ice Bullets, Energy Blast and Healing Bullets


    -Widening world to fill iPhone 5 screen
    -Adding horizontal scrolling on iPhone 4 and iPad
    -Art updates
    -Lots of other minor changes and fixes
    -New menus are WIP
    -Known issues with the view being wonky in some instances



    For in-game art viewing purposes only


    -New sound effects added (robot sounds for spawning new units, and more)
    -More improvements to 1P mode (Practice Mode). Looking for feedback on this mode please.


    -Improving 1P mode, still a work in progress
    -Adding separate Tweak selections for each player in 2P
    -Slight buff to ice bullets slow effect
    -Buff to fire rate of Energy Blast
    -Adding a work in progress alternative control scheme (it's bad right now)


    -Updated Lenny Ship sprite and new Bubble sprite
    -Defense rounds now last a fixed 52 seconds always
    -Blast damage increased
    -Blast Energy cost increased
    -Blast now costs a small amount of Energy when used in-base
    -Nerf to ice bullets so the slow effect applies more gradually
    -Bug fixes


    -Adding new Lenny, Bullet and Bomb sprites
    -Other minor gameplay improvements


    -Latest sound effects
    -New Lenny Ship sprite test


    -Added new music track and more new sound effects
    -Bug fixes

    Note: This is the final build that IGF judges will see


    -Added Stardust and Tweak system. You now earn Stardust from playing matches, and you can use this Stardust to unlock Tweaks. (Note: In this build, all Tweaks are free to make it easy for testers to experiment with all Tweaks.)
    -Tweaks are minor alterations to the functionality of each unit or upgrade. Use them to customize your play style. Unlocked Tweaks can be activated or deactivated before each match.
    -Changing how Unit placement works. Collision is now always disabled during placement.
    -Updated all map designs. Asteroids (formerly Clouds) are now destructible.
    -Minor changes to how Cannons harvest Energy.
    -Increased cost of Shield to 250.
    -Adding new sound effects and music fade-outs.

    Known Issues:
    -Game breaking bug caused by attempting to Salvage or cancel a unit while it is placed in an invalid or obstructed position.


    -Reintroducing the Bubble Explosion ability (use Energy Blast on an Energy-filled Bubble) as an additional upgrade which costs 300.
    -Bubble Explosions now chain across clumps of bubbles.
    -Increased cost of the Energy Blast to 3 up from 2 to make it impossible to destroy a Cannon with it on the first turn.
    -Energy Harvesting by Cannons during the defense phase is no longer fully automatic. During the defensive phase, Cannons will "leak" energy, significantly reducing the rate at which it is automatically collected. Hover over a Cannon with Lenny to repair the leak and boost Energy collection to maximum efficiency.
    -Four new maps and a new menu screen to choose the map for a 2-P match. We are especially looking for feedback on how the different maps affect strategies.


    First build being submitted to IGF

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