Patch Notes - v. 0.9.24
  • This build will be new to a lot of you, but here is what we changed since the last version. Check out the Old Patch Notes thread for info on all the older versions.

    New Features:
    -Training levels now replaces the static images under "How to Play"
    -Added Push notifications
    -New visual style and layouts for the menus and HUDs
    -Lots of things have been renamed (Fork -> Splitter, Spreader -> Squiggle, Puffer -> Puffler, Protector->Guardian, Build -> Buy, Salvage -> Sell, Aim Guidance -> Aim Assist)
    -Updated art for Guardian, Puffler, Energy Well, Asteroid, Splitter
    -Credits menu (still a work in progress)
    -Player 2's Special Power selections now save for Pass and Play mode
    -The camera can now be toggled between free and follow Lenny during replay viewing

    Balance Changes:
    -Double Barrel Cannon now shoots two full-power bullets half as often
    -Cheap Materials Splitter energy cost increased to 80 (was 60)
    -Splitter HP reduced to 200 (was 700)
    -Squiggle HP reduced to 300 (was 600)
    -Guardian energy cost decreased to 150 (was 250)
    -Freezie cost decreased to 250 (was 300)
    -Freezie HP increased to 400 (was 200)
    -Dragon HP increased to 400 (was 100)
    -Maximum speed a bullet can be accelerated by passing through units has been reduced to 3 times its original speed
    -Slow Blizzard Freezie slow factor increased to 70% (was 50%)

    Bug Fixes:
    -Lots, too many to list all of them.

    Known Issues:
    -Guardian's Healing Wave special power releases ghost bullets which don't actually heal
    -Rarely and intermittently, player loses control of Lenny as if the touch ended when it actually didn't
    -Framerate gets choppy on older devices when there's a lot of bullets on screen
  • Also, even though the Diamonds in the shop are listed for real dollar amounts, it won't actually charge you anything in this build since the app hasn't been released yet. If you try to buy diamonds, it will just give you a bunch for free so you can try out all the Special Powers.
  • Splitter nerf hurts bad, damn
  • Also thank you for free camera, works perfectly and is very educational on replays.

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