The problem with "winning"
  • I have an issue with "win satisfaction" while playing starlicker.

    currently when you win a match, you get a push note "it's your turn" > open the app > refresh your games list, then it just changes to "win," then you watch the replay (if you want).

    This reveal seems to rob some of the satisfaction of using your winning strategy ... is there anyone playing who does not watch the replays? That's some of the most fun of the game, watching your opponent cope with your strategy in semi-realtime.

    I've kept several big-wins in my replays so that I can savor more subtle build ideas or see the other play scramble.

    One idea to tweak the "reveal" of the win, would be making replay playback mandatory, with an optional "skip/done" button to get to the round results. The outcome of the replay would only be revealed once the replay is over or skipped. This allows for a big "win" fireworks etc. that encourages you to get into the next game.

    another note: I feel the endgame design should coax you back with a "rematch?" button. so many ios games have rematch to encourage addict play it seems essential since we will most often play games with the same 3-5 people all day.
  • This is really good feedback. We have definitely talked about showing the replay automatically at the start of the turn, and it's actually a contentious issue on the team right now. You have some pretty compelling reasoning here for why we should. What do other people think?

    Rematch button is definitely coming soon.
  • Also, related to replays, do you think allowing the players to see each other's Super bar and Energy during the replays is giving up too much information? Would there be interesting ways to trick people if they can't see how much Energy you have saved up or how close you are to getting a Super?
  • wow deelew really nailed it on that post.. i think both of those ideas are very very good and will add a lot to the game.

    idea one being turn starts automatically with the replay, with a clear SKIP / DONE VIEWING button for noobs who dgaf.. and then i love the idea of the "reveal" at the end of it.. and like deelew said, especially late into an intense game i watch the replay 100% of the time (as i'm sure all of you guys do too) because you want to see how they beat / survived your setup or where they floundered.. having the replay be automatic skips a step (of getting to the replay) and then has the nice big payoff screen of winning!

    side note: maybe even a slow-mo super dramatic zoom shot (ie. Peggle if you guys have played that?) for the final destroying / winning / pwning bullet

    and idea two of a rematch is just a must have required feature. there's no argument against a rematch button.
  • I think I was the main person on the team against starting with replays. My argument being that the first thing I generally want to know is what the current state is, and then I want to go back and see how it got to be that way. Although a lot of the time I do end up going straight to the replay first, depending on my mood.

    If we went straight to replays, would people want the replay to start automatically? Start automatically after a timer (to allow you to get context quick)? Or start by you first looking at the field and hitting "play" (or "skip")?
  • i was going to say definitely start immediately except for new players i can see it being very confusing the first time it happens.. maybe some text on top that says like


    i duno

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