UI postgame match stats
  • Currently we see "career stats" for leveling up your unlockables at the end of each round with the option to assess losses visually.

    I'd be interested in the option of a more detailed stats toggle in the options for hardcore play, i.e. stars collected 90/200, bubbles fired, bubble accuracy %, harvested 80/200, damage received-- all for each round and possibly lifetime stats?

    is there any interest in this data for meta-game competitiveness or is it just not implemented yet?
  • Yes, we definitely want to provide stats like these to the player. It's on the list of stuff to do, and we'll get to it eventually. Probably not until the open beta is underway though.

    Much longer term, we also want to start collecting this kind of information on the server, and then creating a web-based interface that allows players to review all kinds of stats from their play history in detail. We are really excited about the possibilities for the future in this area, we just have to get there one step at a time.

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