How to play with a friend
  • Is there a way currently to pick a friend you know to play against? I see there is an invite a friend option but it doesn't seem to be able to be clicked. I would love to be able to play with my friends
  • Yes, you and your friend have to be signed into GameCenter and be Game Center friends with each other. Then you can challenge your friend to a match in StarLicker with the Invite a Friend option.
  • Where's the Invite A Friend option? I can't find it.
  • On the main screen with the list of matches, hit "New Match". "Invite a Friend" is the middle option the popup (along with "Random Opponent" and "Pass and Play"). It's grayed out in the current version if you're not logged into Game Center or if you have no GC friends. In the version we're preparing to go to the App Store soon, it won't be grayed out. Instead, it'll let you know the information Hayden wrote above and give you a link to go to Game Center to start setting it up.
  • Ahhh duh! I was looking in Game Center itself.
    But now that I'm trying to invite a friend, it's telling me that I'm not logged in to GC. Is it because I'm running the latest test build instead of a public version?
  • It could be. The latest test build uses the Game Center sandbox, which doesn't just follow the same as your normal GC account, and it's possible to not be logged into the GC sandbox but be logged into GC normally.
  • I see. Looked up some info on this and it seems you have to have a "development enabled iOS Device" to create a sandbox account.

    Only asking about this because I can't seem to find any opponents on the latest test build. Not enough players on it I guess?
  • Yeah the test build for the upcoming patch has a very small player pool, that's probably why.

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