Patch Notes - v. 1.0.2 & v. 1.0.3
  • First patch! Mostly game balance improvements, we have submitted to Apple and it should be live in a few days. Tell us what you think of the changes below.

    New Features:
    -Added a confirm message when rematching someone you already have an active match against
    -Ability points are no longer gained after all abilities are upgraded to the max
    -View scrolling speed has been slightly increased
    -Both players now start off with 2 Cannons out (they can still be sold for full value, both players still start with 800 Energy worth of stuff)
    -Added support for iOS 7

    Balance Changes:
    -Harvesting now fills Super bar half as much (but is still worth the same Energy)
    -Blasts now only deactivate a unit if it is "weakened" (< 75% HP)
    -The range of Blast is now the same at all upgrade levels
    -Fire Bullets no longer pierce through targets
    -Fire Bullet damage slightly reduced to 14 (from 15, 18 for Inferno, from 20)
    -Fire Bullets now change back into normal Bullets when they burn out
    -Fire bullets now shrink Bubbles they hit by 1 size level, and only pop the smallest size Bubbles
    -Guardian HP reduced to 100 (was 200)
    -Demon HP reduced to 200 (was 300)
    -Squiggler HP increased to 400 (was 300)

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue where Stars or Diamonds could go into negative numbers
    -Fixed issue where selling a unit could sometimes cause it to appear in the replay despite it not actually being there
  • Really like the increased scroll speed. All the fire bullet changes are good too I think.
  • Now that the patch is out, I want to share our reasoning behind the big changes...

    -Fire & Demon nerfs

    >> Put simply, Demons were way too powerful. This was especially apparent when they were used with Cannons placed both far and close from the opponent's side at the same time. Fire bullets piercing through targets would essentially multiply the damage output of a single Cannon by several times. For only 300 Energy, this is just way too cost-effective. We didn't want to drastically increase the cost of the Demon, so we decide to remove the piercing effect. We feel that the increased damage is good enough to help Fire rip through the opponent's units faster. Secondly, we didn't like how Fire was a hard counter to Bubble. We want Bubble to be weak against Fire, but not completely useless. Now, upgrading to higher levels of Bubble make it a little more useful for dealing with Fire coming from 2 different positions. Lastly, now that Fire doesn't pierce through targets anymore, we could change the burn-out to something that makes more sense than the bullet just disappearing.

    -Blast & Harvest changes

    >> These changes were to specifically address a game-breaking exploit we are calling the "Blast Harvest Loop". It was easy to do any time after around the 5th turn, since it required a max upgraded Harvest and at least level 1 Blast. If you saved a full Super bar for the beginning of the round, you could use Super immediately, deactivate all the opponent's Cannons, and then use Harvest to get back to a full Super bar before the round ended. Then you could repeat this same thing every turn, indefinitely. So now that a unit takes multiple Blast shots to deactivate, and Harvesting fills the Super bar less, this should loop should only be possible when the player is already completely dominating the match. The Blast range change was just to make it simpler to consistently hit the target you intend with Blast.

    -Guardian HP reduced to 100 (was 200)

    >> This change is to make Guardians less cost effective. We want to keep the Guardian a low-cost unit, so to offset how powerful it is on defense, we are making it even more fragile. We will continue to keep a close eye on the Guardian, since we know many of you feel it is an over-powered unit.

    -Squiggler HP increased to 400 (was 300)

    >>This change is just to offset the HP nerf on the Demon. Squiggler was chosen because it seems to be a unit that currently gets very little use at high levels of play.

    -Both players now start off with 2 Cannons out (they can still be sold for full value, both players still start with 800 Energy worth of stuff)

    >> This isn't actually a balance change, but we wanted to default both players to starting with 2 Cannons out simply because we want to guide new players to opening their build order this way. 1 or 0 Cannon openings result in a much slower start to a match, which makes the game seem a lot more boring than it actually is. However, experienced players are still free to sell Cannons to open with 1 or 0 Cannons if they choose to.

    One more thing - you will probably notice extra glitchiness in replays between patches. If the turn was played before the patch, and then viewed after the patch, don't be alarmed if you see bullets going through objects. It's not an easy thing to fix, but we will fix it eventually. For now, just don't be alarmed if you see glitches in replays.

    Have fun playing!

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