Can't find matches after recent patch
  • I played a few rounds today, and then updated the game as soon as it prompted me too. Ever since updating, I have been unable to play any online games. If I attempt to start a random opponent match, it yields a "couldn't find match" message. I've since tried restarting my phone, force closing the app, and now finally deleting it and reinstalling it. Unfortunately, none of these things have resolved my issue. What's worse is that I'm not quite sure on how to restore my account which I had leveled up quite a bit on, and purchased double xp. So now not only am I unable to play, I've seemingly lost all my progress. I saw an earlier thread mentioning that if I used Game Center it would do the work for restoring the account, but so far I'm not seeing anything. Perhaps it's just a server issue, but I couldn't find anything online confirming that. I guess what's clear here is that I'm loving the game, and just want to be able to play it with all of progress I've made this far! Any help would be much appreciated!
  • Hi Krayjer,

    First, don't worry, you'll definitely keep your progress once we fix this issue (at the very least, if something goes wrong and you lose data once it's working again, email us and we'll fix it for you manually).

    We had a critical bug in v. 1.0.2, that we're trying to get fixed immediately in v. 1.0.3, which is already submitted to Apple with a request for an expedited review, and supposedly Apple was going to take down version 1.0.2 from the App Store because of that bug. Instead what I find is that I'm still prompted to upgrade to 1.0.2. Not good. We're looking into it.

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