aim assist
  • id love if there were some indication in "aim assist" that the bullets are hitting the target (whether building or opponent cannon or opponent anything).. sometimes it's just barely hitting in aim assist but then in game it misses and that screws your turn up
  • Totally agree. I don't think we've talked yet about what we should do here, but I think we need to add some sort of collision animation like you get with real bullets, at least.
  • Yeah this has been buried deep in the to-do list for a while. We'll get this in for you in one of the upcoming builds.
  • if you turn off aim assist, you can see the ghost bullets are hitting their target
  • True, but that doesn't work for Fire bullets since they go through.
  • boooring
  • I believe using green aim assist stars that travel fast like the current beams can help solve the hitting issue: this way people will see if the stars will miss or not
  • Also think it would be helpful for aim assist to indicate bullet type.

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