The Tutorial/"How to Play"
  • Hey everyone,

    In numerous play tests, what I would routinely see is people struggling to understand the game, but getting into it once they "got" the game. To that end, we recently added a tutorial, and in the latest beta build (0.9.25), we made it even better and split it into two sections -- basics and everything else, so players didn't feel they had to spend a full 20 minutes before being able to even play a real game.

    Because I want to make sure people can get into the game, I want to make sure the tutorial is good. New players, did you find it gave you enough knowledge to play the game? Did the pacing seem appropriate? Experienced players, if you have tried playing through it, do you feel it missed anything important or maybe even spent too much time on particular things?

    Let me know what you think!
  • One thing I've been seeing new players struggle/fail a lot with is dealing with off-screen action. Maybe adding a bubble lesson early in the tutorial would help with this because its pretty vital to understand how to bubble bullets aimed at your cannons at the top of the field. Usually you have to deal with it by the 2nd or 3rd turn.

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